Kate isn't just a photographer, she's a friend who wants to capture photos of your true self. No matter what, she's always made us feel comfortable, laughing and smiling. The professionalism isn't what makes her great, it's her love for photography and creativity. I will always recommend her for any kind of shoot you need.
— Bianca Ngo Sario
I can't say enough good things about Kate! We hd scheduled our family shoot with her and our 5 dogs. The Morning of the shoot, we lost one of our fur babies and we thought maybe we should reschedule but I am so glad we didn't! She took the most beautiful pictures of us and found a way to turn a tragic day into touching moments now caught on film, that we will treasure forever.
— Nicole Matulich
Oh my gosh, let me fan girl about Kate for a sec! Seriously, if you're looking for someone to capture those family moments in the most amazing way, Kate's your girl. Not only does she have this amazing personality that you instantly click with, but she's also a total pro at making you feel relaxed during photoshoots.
Her style? ugh, it's so dang beautiful! She has a way of making every shot feel like a work of art. I don't know how she does it, but everytime I get the gallery, I'm blown away.
— Shelby